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Product Rating Methods

Every product is evaluated based upon its product category and how it is applied to your pet with some main key criteria - the ingredient list, individual ingredients and product safety.

Ingredient List

We use a 3 point scale to rate the ingredient list for each product

The ingredient list on the label accurately includes all ingredients in the product and uses internationally recognized naming nomenclature like INCI (International Nomenclature Cosmetic Ingredients)

Warning Icon.png

Standard nomenclature for the ingredients is not used and can be misleading to the consumer 

Negative Icon.png

There is missing or misleading information on the ingredient list such as blends or mixtures of ingredients where each ingredient is not disclosed

Individual Ingredients

We use a 3 point scale to rate each individual ingredient on the ingredient list

The ingredients are generally considered safe for the proposed use of the product.

Warning Icon.png

Some ingredients may pose a safety risk to pets and./or humans, but based upon the proposed use of the product it is a moderate safety risk.

Negative Icon.png

There are ingredients that pose a significant safety risk for pets and/or humans.  Blends or mixtures of ingredients where the individual ingredients cannot be identified.  

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